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**Volunteers Needed** Lakewood Little League Fireworks Stand!

By Lakewood Little League 06/09/2022, 3:45pm PDT

To volunteer use the link below.

Volunteers will be in a drawing to win the Big Bang fireworks package. You will also get a 10% discount on purchases for working 1 shift and a 20% discount for working 2 shifts. Be sure to mention a player’s name when you purchase and the player with the most in sales will win a free 2023 season registration, second place will get $75 off registration and third place will get $ 50 off registration. Spread the word and get friends and neighbors to buy their fireworks at our stand.

Lakewood Little League

The Lakewood Little League baseball program is a nonprofit organization that builds leadership, baseball skills, teamwork and discipline. We take pride in bringing together boys and girls from the city of Lakewood to learn life lessons through organized baseball. We encourage good sportsmanship and respect for our community and each other.  We foster team unity and are focused on keeping youth sports in its proper perspective. All our volunteers are dedicated to making your child's experience a positive one.

We have baseball opportunities for boys and girls, ages 4-16.  We also have a Challenger division, for youth and young adults with special needs.  Welcome to Lakewood Little League.


Many people have the misconception that after 12 years old, your player will age out of Little League or has to advance directly into the Senior Division.  This actually is no longer the case because we are implementing options for your 12 or 13-year-old player!  Let me provide you with some things to consider as you think about what to do next with your son or daughter when it comes to playing baseball.

Historically our six District 38 leagues have only offered the Sr. program for 13-16 year olds.  When players move up to the current Sr. program, the pitching mound is 60’ with bases 90’ apart. Unfortunately this large jump in pitching and base distances combined with the large age differences leaves some players feeling that they don’t possess or cannot achieve the skills needed to play at this level.

Fortunately, there is a solution!

The solution is the “Intermediate Division AKA 50/70”!  It has been a part of Little League since 2010 but never a reality for District 38 until now. Basic Rules for the Intermediate Division are as follows:

  • Base runners can lead off, with unlimited steals.
  • Pitchers can pick runners off.
  • Ages 11 to 13 play in this Division.
  • It brings diversity to the age groups. Players can choose from one of several Divisions based on their age and skill level. Eleven and twelve year olds can play in the Majors if they desire.
  • Participates in post-season tournaments, all stars, and a Little League World Series.
  • This program provides incremental steps in advancement that we have not offered in the past as follows:


Age Group

Pitching/Base Distances

Pick Off Runners

Lead Off


11 to 12



After Pitch


11 to 13



Before Pitch


12 to14



Before Pitch


13 to 16



Before Pitch


District 38 and all six (6) leagues are committed to the success of the Intermediate Division. Who would we play you ask?  It would be against our own teams and teams from the other District 38 leagues. We can also play teams in other neighboring Little League Districts.

What does this do for player progression and what are the benefits?

  • Allows players to play in age groups that are similar.
  • It allows multiple Division choices based on age and skill.
  • Increases the pitching and base distances gradually. This allows time for our players to adjust.
  • Allows leading off and picking off runners.
  • These divisions allow players to move up to divisions that are more competitive or held back when desired.
  • Lakewood registration fees are very reasonable compared to most organizations.
  • Our traveling is limited to only a few miles locally.
  • There is no additional game or umpire fees.
  • District 38 leagues have dedicated fields for its members. We do not rent them.
  • We encourage all players to play.
  • Lakewood Little League is a family atmosphere.

I hope you find this change in our league positive.  We are now creating a clearer path for our 13 to 16 year old's. It is going to take dedication and help from all of us to get this going. As we move forward over the next few years, this program will only get stronger and bigger resulting in significant growth of our league and competitiveness.

In addition, District 38 Leagues have agreed and this year we started an interleague Fall Ball program. One (1) game a week for 10 weeks and each team will determine practices. 

We look forward to seeing you.

Thank You Spring '22 Sponsors!

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